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Please see my other post of Piano Notations too.

In that first post of mine on Piano Notations, I have mentioned that even if you don't have a musical instrument and don't know how to play it, still you can play your favourite songs with the sound of the musical instrument that you want.

Here, I will give you some other musical notations of other Hindi songs. I will not be providing for the full song. If you know a bit of music, you can figure it out yourself or if you do want, you can ask for it in the comments. Just request the notations for a song that you want and I will provide you the full notations.

Do visit my other post to understand how to read these notations because these are not the usual western notations or the Indian notations, but the t-piano notations.


* ALSO PLEASE USE THE Control + F (Find) feature to find out the song you want because now there are too many songs here and it might be difficult for you to find.
Here it is for you. Enjoy!..........
The way in which I am giving the western notations:

1) The Airtel tune :
4 44 4 8 5t54 3 5 454345t 5431
8 5 7 5 5431 345t4 543

2) Tune in Om Shanti Om :
In the song- Tum ko paaya hain to jaise....

Instrument- Music Box

i o i o i o iuy y u y u y u ytr r t r t r t rewq
Tabqww eree rtrr tyt iy y t e e r

3) Tu Hi to Jannat Meri :
Movie- Rab ne bana di jodi

Initial Music- ty yui uyuyt

Tu hi to jannat meri, Tu hi mera junoon
r r t e r y t t t y r r r .....repeat- 2

Tu hi aakhion ki thandak, tu hi dil ki hai dastak
i o p p o i u i i o p o i u i

Aur kuch na janu mein, bas itna hi jaanu
i o u u u i y y yt yyt yyt ytre w

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai Yaara mein kya karu
w 7 8 y y 5 4 3 7 7 8 yy

Hope you were able to understand and play it. If not, do ask me for it and I will send you the audio for it as to how to play for these notations. And don't forget to refer to the previous post to clear all doubts.

Interesting Fact- The piano is known as "The King of Instruments". The piano earned this title for a number of reasons including it's tonal range ( the piano covers the full spectrum of any instrument in the orchestra from below the lowest note of the double bassoon to above the top note of the piccolo), it's ability to produce melody and accompaniment at the same time (try that on a flute) and it's broad dynamic range. It is also the largest musical instrument (excluding the pipe organ), most versatile and one of the most interesting.



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