Sunday, September 14, 2008

Poetry- Words from my heart V

* This is the original work of Achyut Telang and you may not reproduce or distribute this information in whole or in part and the content on this blog post cannot be copied, edited, reproduced or used without the prior written permission of Achyut Telang.


The heavens have opened up,
And sent forth a massive downpour.
The life in general is affected by it,
Even as the thunder continues to roar.

The parched land becomes wet first,
As its thirst is a bit quenched
And soon the puddles appear all over,
And everything becomes all wet and drenched.

The climate change is an aberration
And it becomes all cold and chilly.
The strong winds that blow, do no good,
As everyone shivers on; and not with glee

Some animals and birds look for shelter,
While others are as non-chalant as ever.
And it is true for people too,
As some try to be all brave and clever.

The sun gets a well deserved break,
As the clouds take over and transform the day.
The change is quite sudden and drastic
And all the trees and plants viciously sway.

Some people enjoy the rains,
While others become all dull and gloomy.
What you do is your choice,
I certainly rejoice every moment. Well, that's me!

Achyut Telang.


Interesting Fact - The world's heaviest average rain fall (about 430 inches) occurs in Cherrapunji, India, where as much as 87 feet of rain has fallen in one year.


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