Saturday, March 31, 2012

Funny Cricket incident

First watch the video below.

Now I will write what must have been going through their minds:

Sachin facing: "It is on the pads I can flick it away. Oh, it came of the pad. Good it won't travel too far. Definite two in there" and tells it to Kumble.

Sachin: "Oh no, the fielder came in a bit too quickly to complete 2 runs now. But Kumble is coming back for the second. Oh what the heck. It was my call anyways, I need to honor it now. There is no point but let me go anyway."

Kumble: "Oh Sachin, what are you doing? You are the main batsman. You be safe, let me sacrifice my wicket." (Although there is no way to do that now to give up his wicket instead of Sachin's at the striker's end!!)

Sachin: "Anil what are you doing now?? Even a blind man had a better chance of shooting a target than me making it safe. I did and yet you somehow managed to get in trouble when you were perfectly safe by virtue of me honoring my call."

Anil: "Oh dear. I am cooked now"


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