Friday, November 21, 2008


Transporter. What kind of thoughts would come in your mind after hearing such a name for movies?

Now actually I watched the movie Transporter-2 first and I had not seen The Transporter i.e. the first part. Now I don’t know if that’s recommended, but I did it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t know whether watching the second part before the first made any difference. Whatever the case be, that is what happened.

Transporter-2 starts with a scene of the Transporter- Frank Martin in a beautiful Audi car, everything so sophisticated right from the start, putting on the gloves, an ignition code required for starting the car and then the fight scene right at the start indicating already that the movie has everything. Although the fight scene gets over before you know it, it introduces you to the capabilities of Frank. And not to mention, he has that kind of humour that you can perhaps associate with Arnold Schwarzenegger action movies, which is quite a success formula. You know a movie is almost perfect when you feel everything is falling in place beautifully, or perhaps you get this feeling if you love a movie and watch it over too many times. Whatever it maybe, just watch the reaction of the man shown when Frank takes off his coat before the fight. It is just perfect and says so many things….the admiration for the man, feeling what kind of a strange man he must be etc are conveyed by that one second look. Then the - so smooth start of the car, almost like a plane. It can’t get better...


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