Thursday, August 28, 2008

Twenty 20- Where is its place in Cricket?

T-20 – The future of Cricket?

If we take a look at the history of Cricket, it all started with the test matches….a grueling 5 day contest between 2 sides trying to get one up on each other….It was a hard fought battle which produced tough, battle- scarred warriors. Survival on the Cricket- Battle Field was definitely not easy….It required stamina, courage, temperament, mental toughness and definitely skills. It gave time for the bowlers to weave their web, set up the batsman and try and get him out. It would be engrossing for those who understood the game at that level, those who would like to see such relentless battle and at the same time it was boring for others, who loved the game but found it a bit too dull.
It was an endless battle and those who endured, took the blows, were ready to grind it out and had the mental toughness, finally emerged victorious…Maybe just a moral victory because getting a result in those days was akin to winning a prize off the scratch card! But nevertheless, it would be satisfying for the players...........

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Poetry- Words from my heart VI

* This is the original work of Achyut Telang and you may not reproduce or distribute this information in whole or in part and the content on this blog post cannot be copied, edited, reproduced or used without the prior written permission of Achyut Telang.


Many times in my life,
I have seen nature's lull
But this time what I see,
Is something very special.

As I stand in the morning,
The cold breeze touches my face,
As I say to myself that
This is surely one of those beautiful days

Where there is greenery all around,
But still no sign of the sun
There is dew in the atmosphere,
So everything is wet in the urban.

The animals and birds seem to be active,
As they are up and away,
But people are still asleep,
As it is just a Sunday!

The trees have a variety of leaves,
Which are of different colour and shade
Majority of them are dark and light green
While a few others are a bit yellow and red.

The clouds completely fill up the sky
As they have a gathering
And thus in the process, hide from us,
The heavenly world of the King.

The birds commence their free flight
In this scene, capable of making anyone proud
They fly freely in the clean air,
Which contains nothing but the clouds.

They fly away to great heights,
Still looking for the first rays of the sun.
All of them are busy finding food,
And soon the early birds catch the worm.

They express themselves in their own way,
And make beautiful sounds again and again
Which are usually denied to us,
In the drowning sounds created by Man.

Some people enjoy the morning walk,
Listening to these voices, which are very tame
With their hands in their pockets,
As the coldness around, gradually gets to them.

The sun now shows itself,
And also looks around at everyone.
Suddenly everything seems to come to life,
As on everyone fall the first rays of the sun.

One should not be lazy
And still sleep in the cozy bed,
When such divine sights,
Are for you by the nature made.

Achyut Telang.


Interesting Fact - There is enough water in Earth’s atmosphere to cover the entire surface of the Earth with one inch of water!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


* In return for providing the notations that you need for free, just asking you to follow this blog and share it as much as you can. Thanks.

Please see my other post of Piano Notations too.

In that first post of mine on Piano Notations, I have mentioned that even if you don't have a musical instrument and don't know how to play it, still you can play your favourite songs with the sound of the musical instrument that you want.

Here, I will give you some other musical notations of other Hindi songs. I will not be providing for the full song. If you know a bit of music, you can figure it out yourself or if you do want, you can ask for it in the comments. Just request the notations for a song that you want and I will provide you the full notations.

Do visit my other post to understand how to read these notations because these are not the usual western notations or the Indian notations, but the t-piano notations.


* ALSO PLEASE USE THE Control + F (Find) feature to find out the song you want because now there are too many songs here and it might be difficult for you to find.
Here it is for you. Enjoy!..........

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Online Cricket Game lovers

Stick Cricket
I already have quite a few posts on games, specially online games and even in that my all time favourite is Cricket. Cricket is the one thing that I am always involved with some how- either watching any kind of Cricket Match on Television or playing it myself or online.

For online Cricket games, there are quite a few good ones depending on what kind of game you are looking for. A few are-........


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