Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My World ODI XI and TEST XI

This post was always inevitable. Anyone who loves Cricket would have thought of this some time or the other.

In fact I would like to tell you a funny thing about this.(Kind of a Prelude). In my MBA college in Mumbai, we used to have long classes and I was one of the students who used to sit in a place not at the back neither too much in the front. I follow the 'middle strategy' everywhere. And although lot of students had no problem or shame falling asleep in the middle of the class, I could never do that. In fact it is difficult for me to fall asleep at all places other than my bed in my buses and trains or new places etc. And generally I did not have much trouble getting through the class but there was this one class in the afternoon where I was feeling really sleepy. No strategy was working. Everything failed and that was the time I had to bring out my 'Brahmastra'. Something related to Cricket and in the class, something related to Cricket that I could do and which would also stimulate my mind was making my ODI XI and TEST XI. And it is funny because I took out my pad and started doing this seriously and the person sitting behind me became interested in what I had suddenly started writing. And he started laughing. He told me........

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weird, funny keywords for my blog!

After quite some time, a post from me. The 49th post! And this is inspired by few discussions with my friends on BC (Blog Catalog). For those of you who don't know, BC is a great place for bloggers to hang out and participate in discussions. Sometimes for knowledge, sometimes just for fun.

In that there was one discussion about the key words or the phrases that people type into Google or other search engines and from there arrive at your blog. For those of you who want to know how to find this out, there is one application called Google Analytics. If you get decent traffic or visitors to your blog, it is a good thing to have, to find out from where people are arriving at your blog, through what search engine etc. You have to put its code in your blogger HTML code and it tracks your blog and its statistics..lots of it like the number of visitors and many more.

So here are a few of the funny or weird searches through which people arrived on my blog. Sometimes it is not even clear how that particular search could have made those people land up on your blog!.......

Friday, January 1, 2010

Interesting Concept- Prisoner's Dilemma

Recently I came across a concept which I thought was quite interesting- The Prisoner's Dilemma

It is a fundamental problem in game theory. It is a situation where two parties must choose to cooperate or not and where both gain when both cooperate, but if only one cooperates, other gains even more, while if both don't cooperate, both lose.

To explain it better, let's say there are two people- A and B who are caught for a crime. Both of them make an agreement that they will not confess the crime and remain silent. Now they are separated and questioned. So now, if both remain silent, they get 1 year in prison, if A cooperates (keeps the agreement) and remains silent but B confesses, then A gets 20 years in prison while B goes free and similarly the other way round if A confesses to the crime and B doesn't, then A goes free but B gets 20 years and in the case where both confess the crime, both get 5 years in prison.

This figure below might make it clear:


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