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So, you always wanted to learn and know how to play your favorite song or tune on a piano, or harmonium or even guitar or violin? Even if you have never learnt music and still want to play your favorite songs , you don’t have to worry. I am here.

First let me tell you that I am not an expert musician but I have learnt it mostly by myself. And I am mainly interested in the Bollywood, Hindi songs. And whatever song or tune I like, I find out how to play it. Now, even if you don’t have a musical instrument, you need not worry. Even I don’t have one with me! All that you need is a computer and it can become your musical instrument. I always loved being able to play my favorite song and people recognizing it when I did. And since I did not possess a musical instrument and neither did I want to spend money on it, so I found it out through the internet. Yes, internet- the current God!

If you too want it, it is quite simple and free too and just 24 K bytes........
 It is the t-piano and you can just download it from this-
( * One reader brought to my notice that this link isn't working any longer, so I found another one- Click on "Tinypiano" link at the top part of the page and Run. Then it might say- Not verified, just click Run again and it should be there in seconds. For future situations too if this link too stops working, just type in Tinypiano in Google and you should reach it!)

I have had it with me for a few years now and still I don’t know about all its features! You can do so much with it! I just used it to play the tunes; that’s it. Just read all the things mentioned on that site and you will come to know. It has lots and lots of musical instruments options and a few others as well, you can adjust and even reassign etc.

Now for a sample, the latest song that I love and play it is- “Tu meri adhuri pyaas” from the movie Ghajini.

Here I will provide you with the notes, not the normal musical notations that you might know but specially for this t-piano- The keys on your keyboard that you need to press. Perhaps this might be the first time that such notes will be used. Maybe I am the first one to provide t-piano notes instead on the normal western notations or the Sa re ga ma notes!


Movie- Ghajini
Song- Tu Meri adhuri pyaas
Music Director- A.R.Rahman
Instrument in t-piano- 25. Acoustic Guitar (Steel) for the main part

Initial music for the humming-
(Flute)ytrertr erte w qweq Tab ?
? q r y tyut r ert
You can use any other instrument and it will not make any sense reading it, you only have to play in order whatever is written here including the various keys like Tab or even numbers. All are related to the song itself and no other extra key or comma etc is used.
Hope you were able to play it.

Now the main song-
Tu meri adhuri pyaas pyaas……..aaja paas paas
r ri uip tu tt (repeat 3 times)

Hain Guzaarish
y tyi [repeat full] for Hai haal to dil ka……….

Kehde tu haan to zindagi chain-o se chhutke hasegi
oi u u y uiu i u y y y t y u y

Moti honge moti rahon mein Yeh yeh yeh
tt tt tt ti i iii i u y t r

Humming- r t y u ytr

Sheshe ke khwaab leke, Raaton main chal raha hoon
uyuyu uy ui uyuyu u y u i

Takra naa jaau kahin
p i u y r e r …………..(2)

Bas ek haan ki guzarish Fir hogi khushiyon ki baarish
r ri u y tre r r i u y t r e


As I have already said that even if you don’t know how to play a musical instrument or never learnt music, still you can play on this because now you have an instrument and also the readymade notes. But my observation is that it is still difficult for most of my friends who have never played an instrument before. The only thing is you have to have the tune in mind and decide how long to press a key or after how much gap to press the next key. The only thing that you need is an interest. Perhaps even the desire to impress your friends might act as a motivation. The more you play on this and the more you practice, the better you will get as it.

Remember, in the beginning you need a deep interest and later on just one word- PRACTICE!
Have a great time playing your favorite songs, and do tell me about whether you were able to download it and also play the song? If you are not able to play it properly, just ask me and I will put up here or send you the recording of me playing this so it might make it clear.

You can also request the notes for other songs that you like and want the notes for it to be able to play it. I will do my best to provide it to you to the best of my capabilities. Do write in your requests in the comments here itself.
But do note that it might take time before I put it up here. So keep coming back to check it.
Interesting Fact- The shortest national anthem is the Japanese national anthem, which is only four lines long. The longest is the Greek national anthem, which is 158 verses long
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