Monday, March 11, 2013

My Experience of Inner Engineering Program

To read my popular post on my visit to Dhyanalinga- Isha Yoga Centre, click on THIS LINK

* Pics taken from Isha foundation blog.

It has been almost a month since I finished the 3 day INNER ENGINEERING Program at Hyderabad from 15th to 17th Feb 2013. 

15th Feb 2013 was to be my first marriage anniversary and we were thinking about the places we could go to. I had already been to the Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore. So, based on that wonderful experience, I wanted to show that place to my wife too and thus we were planning on going there together for our first marriage anniversary. 

As luck would have it, just a day after talking about it, I saw an ad on the internet about the Inner Engineering Program to be held at Hyderabad (the place we are currently staying) on the same day as our marriage anniversary and the weekend and to add to it, it was close enough to my wife's office too. It certainly was an amazing coincidence if it was one. Nevertheless it was one opportunity I did not want to miss. I called on the numbers given and inquired  I found out that Sadhguru himself would be present there all 3 days and there weren't residential facilities, so we would have to go back home and come back in the morning. The seating arrangement is done by groups and we were in the second group i.e. close enough to the stage or dais and so it was one of the more expensive groups. I immediately booked 2 seats.


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