Monday, April 9, 2012

Apple of my i

You all know of Apple and its "i" products. But how great is it exactly in terms of numbers? Here are some interesting facts:

A trip to Kerala


Our trip to Kerala started from Ahmedabad on a Monday winter morning. We got up around 5 and got ready, went in the car and finally reached the airport. We had 2 big bags and one small one and a purse. We checked in and went in our first flight together. Unfortunately the seats we got weren't together. There are 3 sets of seats on either side and so we both got the ones away from the window on both sides. Though we were close enough, we weren't together. Not the ideal situation I thought. But there wasn't much option. At least till we reached Mumbai where there was a stop for an hour or so. Unfortunately even from Mumbai, only couples got in so obviously I couldn't ask them to trade places with one of us. One lesson I learnt from this was to ask at the airport counter where they issue the tickets to specially ask for the seats to be together!!!


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