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Transporter. What kind of thoughts would come in your mind after hearing such a name for movies?

Now actually I watched the movie Transporter-2 first and I had not seen The Transporter i.e. the first part. Now I don’t know if that’s recommended, but I did it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t know whether watching the second part before the first made any difference. Whatever the case be, that is what happened.

Transporter-2 starts with a scene of the Transporter- Frank Martin in a beautiful Audi car, everything so sophisticated right from the start, putting on the gloves, an ignition code required for starting the car and then the fight scene right at the start indicating already that the movie has everything. Although the fight scene gets over before you know it, it introduces you to the capabilities of Frank. And not to mention, he has that kind of humour that you can perhaps associate with Arnold Schwarzenegger action movies, which is quite a success formula. You know a movie is almost perfect when you feel everything is falling in place beautifully, or perhaps you get this feeling if you love a movie and watch it over too many times. Whatever it maybe, just watch the reaction of the man shown when Frank takes off his coat before the fight. It is just perfect and says so many things….the admiration for the man, feeling what kind of a strange man he must be etc are conveyed by that one second look. Then the - so smooth start of the car, almost like a plane. It can’t get better...

Then another thing that struck me was the rapport with the kid from the very first scene. They really seemed to get along really well, almost like good friends. That first scene of the interaction of Jack- the boy and the Transporter is beautiful to say the least. Then after that you get to know more about the character of Frank in the coming scenes- understanding, kind-hearted, helpful, self-sufficient and so much more.

The movie reminds me of Arnold’s Commando of which I am a great fan. When such action heroes are portrayed as Commandos or military men etc, they are shown almost perfect. They hardly seem to make mistakes. Everything they do is almost correctly executed. They seem to know how to operate every kind of equipment that can be available. They can use all kinds of vehicles and get things working no matter what. Another characteristic is the small sentences, limited words but conveying the good sense of humour. I even enjoyed the scene when Frank comes home and makes the noodles etc. Everything is done perfectly- at one go. Observe how he cuts the rope in one go (Reminds me of Beast Master on AXN) And specially from Frank, one word that I can think of is Professionalism. Nothing out of place, knowing exactly what he wants and a nice quiet, private life completely contrasting to his ‘other’ life.

Also observe the fight scenes, which are breath-taking none the less, specially for me who is a martial arts fan. His execution is almost perfect every time. The thing that impressed me was his alacrity, almost lightening quick reflexes, and equally sharp brain to think in a split- second and make use of whatever is available. Extreme resourcefulness and an ability to come out of any situation with no fuss. See the Transporter-1 scene in which the fight scenes in bus and the scene that ensues, the use of the greasy fluid which is one of the weirdest, funniest, most amazing scenes you might ever see. Then when he falls in water, he sucks air from the other man who has died till then by the way, that is an underlining factor of his extreme resourcefulness and ability to think out of trouble in any situation and making it look like he has been doing these things all his life.

What I wanted to point out in the fight scenes is the showing of his greatness, that clearly he is the stronger person. You definitely got it wrong. Not by his body or amazing steps or brutal force or defeating everybody, that all are fine but what I am referring to is how he avoids killing people. Even when he shoots, he shoots in the leg and also, never kills when he has the knife. That is the real sign of strength. Even in real life. Killing or hurting others, specially unarmed, weaker ones, lesser than you is a sign of weakness. Hurting or killing others in the process of saving oneself is normal but even in the process of protecting yourself, seeing to it that there is minimum damage to others is exceptional. Real sign of greatness and strength.

Ok. So for those of you who have not seen the Transporter movie first or second or both parts, do give it a try specially if you like action and are a fan of Arnold action type movies. And if possible, try and relate to what I have written while watching. Hopefully you will be able to see them from my view and understand and if not, no need to worry. All people are different and so is their thinking. This was my opinion and it’s not necessary that you agree with what I have written. And those of you who have seen it, why not give it a try once again from this perspective which you have gained after reading this.

I hope there will be a few people who might be benefitted from reading this, who might have wanted an opinion before deciding whether to see the movie or not. Even if there is one person, I would be glad and even if there is none, I have not only written this for utility, but for the sheer joy of writing!

* Extra bonus for Transporter Fans and those interested:

Frank's 4 rules-

1) "Never change the deal"
2) "No names"
3) "Never open the package"
4) "Never make a promise you cannot keep"

In the film- The Transporter, Jason Statham's character Frank Martin specifically identifies the car as a "1999 Black BMW 735i". In the DVD commentary, however, Jason Statham indicates that the car was a one-off manual-transmission 1999 7-Series 750iL, with a V12 engine. When Martin returns to Wall Street's estate, Frank drives away with a Mercedes-Benz W140 as a compensation for his BMW. In Transporter 2, new Audi A8 (W12 6.0) and Lamborghini Murcielago is used.

* Transporter 2 is a 2005 action film directed by Louis Leterrier and produced by Luc Besson. It is the sequel to 2002's The Transporter. It is itself followed by Transporter 3, a 2008 sequel which will be released in the U.S. on November 26, 2008. The film follows Frank Martin as he returns to Paris.

Final note- Don't take this movie seriously. Don't think about it. It is a mind-less, action-comedy just to be enjoyed for whatever it offers otherwise you might be dissappointed.
Interesting facts- Jason Statham is nicknamed 'Jay' and has been an Olympic Diver on the British National Diving Team and finished 12th in the World Championships in 1992.
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