Sunday, December 21, 2008

Game review- Unreal Tournament 2004

Well, it does look like I have become only a reviewer now, going by my past few posts! This time suddenly out of nowhere I struck upon this idea of writing a review for a thing which has become a part of my life- it is no short of an addiction, as it is for my roommates too and I must thank them for introducing me to this game.
This game is nothing short of real. You have a gun and you go on killing others. Sounds too simple? Thinking what is so great in that? Well that’s not the only thing about this game. First of all, the best part is that you can play it with your friends not just the computer players and that gives it a personal touch- fighting it out with your roommates- the people you know and live with......
 Of course, it might even help some people unconsciously to vent out their maybe built-up anger or frustration on each other, if there is any-in your subconscious mind. And I feel it is bound to be there -somewhat at least because whenever you live with anybody, you will love them to some extent and hate them to some extent even if you are unaware of it.
I have noticed this thing about my posts that even in reviews; I don’t just stick to the thing I am reviewing, like I have observed other blogs on the net containing reviews. I do bring in other things, especially psychology etc because that is the way I am and it is going to reflect in my blog too.
Anyways, other great things about this game are its graphics, sound, the game play, and plus there are so many options- you can play as a team, fulfill various objectives, or just plain kill everyone and everything you can see. In addition to the anger within you, it is also a good way to get rid of the violence in you too. If all the people in the world, even terrorists use this means, violence might disappear although there is a good enough chance that people get involved in a wrong way and might be encouraged to try it in real life and violence might increase- specially for kids it is advised to stay away from watching or playing violence for this reason only. So it has both ways depending on the people who play it but it definitely a good and safe outlet to let go of those built-up things within you.
This game also has such wonderful locations from planets-like places, forests, ice buildings, junkyard and what not. You are given a certain amount of health, you pick up more health from various places and you also start with only two weapons and pick up more during the course of the game. Even the bullets exhaust so you have to pick them up too. And there are even shields and people do get very attracted to them.
Also an interesting thing about this game is that the way you are in real-life that will be reflected in the way you play the game. Some are very bold and just roam around in the open, or others might find a good hide-out and target people from there which some might consider cowardly but it is also smart in a way. Everyone that I play with says that I really dodge their bullets so it’s difficult to kill me easily. But that is how I would be in real life too. I depend on my reflexes and that is my strength. I don’t like to die even in the game so I try to kill others at the same time avoid dying myself. Now you are re-born every time you die, so perhaps that’s why people don’t play my way because even if you die, you will be reborn immediately with the only drawback that you lose the guns etc that you picked. But to me this fact that you are reborn doesn’t mean much. It might be one life or infinite, why to die? So I don’t care for this fact and so that is the way I play.
In real life too, you do get infinite lives but it is a cycle and the things that you gather in this life, they no longer remain with you when you are reborn. Maybe somewhere in real life too I want to get out of this cycle of birth and death as you would know from my previous posts- my inclination to these things. So maybe that gets reflected in this game. I want liberation in this birth itself and get finished with it once and for all. So if you are on the path, you don’t want to die before that because again it would be a long journey and you might get lost the next time.
So I definitely advise this game for the game lovers. You have so many things in there to explore and in time every single player that plays this game will develop his own unique style of playing and even the routes that people select to go in the game are different. You will go on to like a particular type of gun and hate another one etc. You might love death match, or team games going around fulfilling various missions or objectives.
In short a great way to know more about yourself- the kind of person you are. Play it and you will come to know! And if once in a while you want to feel like God, just play single player and use the cheats which you will easily find on the net. Happy Playing!
Fact - The average game player is 33 years old and has been playing games for 12 years.
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