Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yes!!! I did it once again :

For those of you wondering, I am talking about an online game- Shell Swap wherein I have scored the highest score of all time!
In another post, I had mentioned about the game ‘Tower of Hanoi’ and how I had managed the mental marathon of completing that game with 12 discs, I usually play a lot of online games and recently have been playing a lot on Orkut.

Many people use Orkut which is a social networking site. In that there is a feature of Mind Jolt games and the good thing about this is that you can compete with your friends and constantly compare and challenge your friends to better your score etc. This is the only reason I have been playing the games on Orkut otherwise the games themselves aren’t so good there. One site I have been using quite regularly for games generally is.......
 Mousebreaker. It has many games not necessarily all of high quality but here and there you might find good ones and for sports, I would definitely recommend Stick Sports. I feel it is truly the best in it.

In Orkut they track your scores and send the updates to all your friends to let them know. I tried my hands at a few games and since I consider myself generally good at various games – online and otherwise, I back myself to beat most of the others. I tried in a few games namely- Crazy Taxi a very simple but addictive game only because you can score a lot in it but the motivation comes when your friends score more in it. I tried my hand at it and did decent enough but found that I could not go beyond a certain point; scoring above 100,000 is difficult, that was my limit. Also recently Glamour Parking wherein too I figured I wouldn’t be able to go beyond a certain point and I started thinking that there has to be atleast one game which is for me- the one where I can be the best, where I can score more than others. And I came across ‘Shell Swap’- a very simple game consisting of 3 cups and a marble. They show you which cup the marble is in, then they turn it all around, swapping them and you have to tell under which cup the marble is in. The secret in it is to keep your eye continuously on the cup with the marble. With all the swapping going on around it, you should not get distracted. In the initial levels, all the moving around happens for a short period of time and it might seem the easiest game. But slowly as the levels progress, the amount of time that you need to keep your eyes on it increases. Later on it almost goes on for a minute or more.

There were a few weird things in that firstly I really chose the wrong time to play this game since I had a bad cold and cough and you know the headache that accompanies even if you just watch any screen for even a few minutes. And here I was playing the game for hours. Also since this game requires intense concentration, and the swapping would go on for minutes, it put me in an awkward position in the way that whenever anyone entered the room or was talking to me, I was in difficulty, I couldn’t look up from the screen even for a millisecond and nor could I explain to everyone that I am not looking since I am playing a game. As even talking would be distracting at such a critical juncture. A few people sure would have thought me to be very strange which they perhaps already thought from the beginning and this must have confirmed it for them. Also a few other problems that I faced like our cooking maid preparing the food which was spicy perhaps so was hurting my eyes and later on I even took the medicine for my cold which makes you drowsy and sleepy. I overtook the highest score with ease, never having to make a guess or getting it wrong but later on I was left with no time and so I just ended it deliberately!

As I mentioned in the other post, I am now making it a habit of going all the way in the things that I am doing. I do not want to be stuck saying that I have potential and that I can do it, even knowing that I can do it is not enough. There is no equivalent of actually doing it all the way. It is what gives you satisfaction, real satisfaction and also the confidence. If you haven’t done it, no matter how sure you are of your abilities, at the back of your mind there will always be some doubt and that half done thing will be in your subconscious. Actually doing it makes you free of it. So no matter what reasons or excuses people give, either saying that it is dumb, or that anyone can do it or it is possible only this or that is required ….it doesn’t matter what it is. A game or something else; even a small or insignificant thing but taking it all the way has a gratification like no other.

Also one another reason why I am doing it is in addition to what I have already mentioned, I have realized a lot of things while actually doing it. One of the most significant is that I got to observe my mind beautifully. The mind with all its tricks and traps and what not. The mind is the most complex and cunning thing ever. It is truly said that one who has conquered the mind has conquered everything. And the way is not by fighting or suppressing the mind but by just being a observer without any involvement, no support from your side. When you do that, you don’t supply any energy to it and it stops.. You should know that the ‘mind’ I am talking about is the incessant thoughts that continuously go on inside and makes us a mess. The mind is just a mechanism, a wonderful one if we are its master.

While playing this game, the mind said that it was enough now, how long to go on…I almost played for many hours and much more than 100 levels. The tricks it played saying that perhaps I am looking at the wrong cup, or I have missed the actual cup etc. That game acted like a meditation for me. Although it was concentration which is not meditation unlike what people in the west think, but for me it happened. I have always maintained that I am quite a good observer and perhaps that’s why this game suited me.

And by the way, In Orkut, a similar game – Find me or not, I played that too and in that too I have the highest score in all of Orkut of all time. It’s a different matter that my friend and roommate asked me to give a dinner party for getting it since our maid did not come the next day!
Well 2 highest scores in 3 days! Not bad!
p.s. At this point of time, I hold the record of having the highest score in All of Orkut of All Time in 13 games!!!
1.) Shell swap,
2) Find me or not (very similar to Shell swap involving good Concentration),
3) Kwhack (All about fast Reflexes...and by that I mean really fast),
4) Fire juggler (requires great Skills)
5) Warzone Tower Defense (addictive tower defense game requires good Management and Strategy) In this game, of the 10 versions that it has, I have the highest in 9 of those!
So if any of you want to get a high score or are stuck somewhere,not able to go beyond a certain score, contact me through the comments section here....I might be able to help you..atleast for these above mentioned games. I can provide you strategies etc.)
Interesting Fact- Orkut Buyukkokten(the creator of Orkut) might become the richest-person in the world by the end of 2009.
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