Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Poetry- Words from my heart IV

* This is the original work of Achyut Telang and you may not reproduce or distribute this information in whole or in part and the content on this blog post cannot be copied, edited, reproduced or used without the prior written permission of Achyut Telang.


From quite some time,
It has been very hot.
The conditions have become worse,
As there is also a drought.

It is not only the heat,
But also the humidity,
Which is adding to the suffering
Of people of both the village and the city.

The sun is busy throwing flames
And people are battling with the sweat,
They try and hide from the burning fire,
But still end up getting all drenched and wet.

All the streets become almost empty,
Especially during the afternoon.
People can only wish and pray
For the rains to come on really soon.

The only solace that people get
Is only during the time of night.
With the sun finally gone to rest,
It feels so cool and just about right.

The moon with its gentle rays,
And cool breeze makes it very pleasant
And atleast for the time being,
People are spared a bit from torment.

In the night people sleep outside,
With their gazes fixed to the endless sky,
Searching for any signs of clouds,
While on the cots, helpless they lie.

People do just about anything
In order to appease the gods of rain,
But this story of vying of the sun and rain,
Next year will be repeated once again.

Achyut Telang.


Interesting Fact - The umbrella was originally intended for shade from the hot Egyptian sun.

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