Sunday, July 13, 2008


This is a kind of an article that I had written years ago in my teens and it is one of a kind in the way that I made it up predominantly with words consisting of 'tion'. Although I tried to make it in such a way that it made some sense at least but nevertheless, it is fun to say it out loud. Try it. Here it is:.........

"The construction and proper implementation along with execution of plan, means action with combination of ambition, concentration, determination, dedication and conviction brings admiration, adulation and gives satisfaction with position and station but exasperation always brings reaction no matter what the situation.

Realization of truth after maturation due to meditation brings about redemption and liberation and upliftment of all civilization and may lead to renunciation but you need prevention and termination of superstition before that, whereas interrogation for it gives variation in suggestion.

For contention in publication, the best way is to hope for good allocation, then collection, formation and retention of ideas in separation and their clarification. Good calculation and diction plays an important role too. You also need contribution, co-operation, co-ordination, suggestion, consultation, consideration, conformation and recommendation from any constitution, corporation, institution or foundation and its mention. For their intervention, you need good connection and communication with them. You need to pay attention to prevention or identification or correction and verification of your mistakes. That is the collaboration needed for success through good presentation and leading to celebration with beautiful decoration and its continuation!
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