Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Best Blog Post Contest

Having thought many times of having a best blog post contest, finally now it is here.

You can submit any one of your blog posts which you think is the best. Just leave the link of that blog post in the comments section. This is open till 14th April. I will announce the results on 20th April here itself.

Criteria- It would be preferable if the blogs aren't too technical or region/culture specific which other people can't easily relate to. It could be funny, a true story, part of your personal diary, something creative or anything else.

Although I am not giving any prizes as such, but I will select the top 3 blog posts, feature them and give a small review here and you might get new followers including me because that is another idea behind this contest- to come across new and interesting blogs to read.

And while you are here, feel free to look around and explore my blog.

All the Best!

Update ( 5 April) - I have received quite a few entries for this contest as I had expected and some of them are really good. There is time to go and this is still open and new entries are welcome and I am also trying to comment on all the blogposts submitted. Will announce the results soon enough. Keep checking here for updates or results.

* Update ( 15 April) - Thank you all for the overwhelming response to this contest by submitting your best blog posts in huge numbers. It was more than what I expected and now I have a tough job on my hands to select the top 3 out of so many. But as I had said, the result will be announced on the date mentioned.

 Your long wait is finally over. As promised, I am going to announce the winners today. Before that I want to say that I received close to 40 entries of various categories and it was a pleasure to read them all. I did not have any fixed criteria in mind, but as I went through all the blogposts, the criteria developed itself. Also I have tried my best to do justice to all the wonderful posts and there are instances where overall the blog might be better but it did not win in this contest because it is afterall a blog post contest.

Some of the criteria I considered-
1) Originality ( not copied from somewhere or something we might have come across earlier somewhere)
2) The standard of English ( though I tried not to give too much importance to it since not everyone's first language is English, still when it came in the way of enjoying the post, then it had to be considered)
3) A good topic and doing full justice to it. ( Some had excellent topics but I feel did not go into greater detail which was required to do justice to it)
4) The overall feel while reading. I must say that I do prefer sense of humour and it has an edge but still those with a serious topic, or powerful, touching etc were also given weightage.

Ok. enough of this. I know you are waiting to see who are the winners.
As I said, since the entries were for so many different categories, it was not possible to compare them. So what I have done is, I have selected 6 winners and in 3 different categories.

Category 1. Beautiful/Touching/Powerful :

Kirsten Katastrophe - ( Those Eyes )

Though it is tough on the eyes with the colour, still this was too good to ignore. This is a short story- very powerful and touching and amazingly this was the last one submitted to the contest.
Amazing work! Keep it going and Congratulations!

K.P. Hanley - ( When you are young and in love)

Simply one word for this- Beautiful!
The blog is- If Grandma had been a blogger and this post is a beautifully written comparison and contrast of when you are young and in love and when you are old and perhaps alone. Do read it. Congratulations!!

 Pravin Nair - ( Love & The Lady Of The Night )

 This is again a very beautifully written poem. According to the writer- This poem is about the damned sections of society, people we might turn a blind eye to.These people live life on the fringes, thriving on our collective apathy, lack of love & hypocrisy. This poem is about a prostitute and her shortlived experience with love.   

 Category 2. Funny/Creative :

Kshitij - ( Button Ka Jeevan )

What a wonderful blog he has. Just the kind of blog you want to come across. Funny, good sense of humour, creative and this particular blog post is about the life of a button. Something from the point of view of the button! Even to be able to think of a topic like this is something. Don't miss it. No wonder he has 40 followers so far. Congratulations!!

In this category, I was considering another one very seriously-  mrpooper, with a similar kind of blogpost- Socks Are Really Space Aliens ( But unfortunately that is not opening now. Don't know what the problem is but the first time I read it, I really liked it, but since it isn't opening now, I am not able to read it again to make my final decision. So this is provisionally selected second.

Category 3. Best story telling (writing) :

Kalyan Ram Vempati - ( The Girl at the Coffee Shop )

You truly deserve the 'Chetan Bhagat' award if there was one. Really, it was almost like reading one of his books. This post is a story about The Girl at the Coffee Shop, and a really wonderfully constructed story.

* Special Mention - Azad - I want to be a rapist too- for putting up an important point in a different and effective way, though the content suggests that the title should be perhaps I want to be a Police officer?

Other blog posts submitted which were good and missed out, but are worth reading-


I can almost cover all the blog posts like this because they were all so good on such a wide variety of topics but there are constraints and thus some good ones had to miss out too.
Congratulations to the winners and others too-  keep writing, you might not have won, but you might get a follower- Me!
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