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I am sure most of you, like me, spend quite a lot of your time online browsing through various websites. And there are times when you really have nothing to do and having gone through all your pet websites are bored and aimlessly browsing, just looking for something good to spend your time.

This is one website which can become quite addicting and the beauty if it is that here time flies away quickly, you get in action mode, get involved, it also has virtual social short everything one might want to spend some time enjoying.

Isketch is a kind of a game similar to Pictionary where one after the other, an artist is selected, given a word which others can't see and that artist has to draw and others have to guess that word. Simple? Only the concept is.......

.....Here you don't need to register, log in etc, just get started straightaway. Once you put in the name you want, you will come across various rooms specifying the maximum number of players there can be in a room and if a room is not full, you can just click on it and enter it. There are 10 rounds in every game and it would be better if you join a game in the closing stages..that means when you enter and see the details of all rooms, you also come to know what round is going on in which room. So you can enter the ones with 9th or 10th round going on so you get some time before the new round starts afresh. This is advisable because if you enter the 2nd or 3rd round, your chances of winning are already diminished since you have already missed a few starting rounds. Also when you enter the 1st round, if the artist has drawn something before that, you won't be able to see it.

This is about art and guessing. You need not be an artist at all for this game because any ways you get very little time to draw the word that you get and it is not about how well you draw, but how effective it is in helping people to guess the word. One after the other an artist is selected who draws the word given to him using all the tools, colours etc but not using letters AT ALL. It is interesting to see the thought patterns of people. Example- somebody got the word 'slam' and he drew 2 wrestlers in a ring. At this, one girl commented that from the drawing she could guess that it was a male drawing because if she had got that word, she would have drawn a door being slammed!  

That's the beauty. Different people can interpret the same word differently and convey it differently too. The incentive for the artist is that when the first person guesses it correctly, the artist gets 10 points, and a point each for each correct guess after that. Also if you guess the word that an artist has drawn correctly, you get 10 points, if you guessed correctly second, you get 9 and so on. So you need to guess the right word quickly to get most points. And in the end, the person with the most points is the winner.

As an artist, you can also give hints by clicking the hint button. First time it will specify the number of letters to others, 2nd time, it will give away the first letter, 3rd time, it will also give the second letter of the word. But it cuts 2 points for every hint given.

In terms of benefits, it increases your reflexes, your typing speed, your thinking and imagination, perhaps your drawing and definitely your vocabulary. You will learn a lot of new words in a fun way too!

There is also a chat option, where you can chat with other people. There are rooms for UK English and US English. Also you can greet anyone, hug them, slap them, laugh at them, flirt with them and so on. For this, there are shortcut keys. Here are most of the keys-

Result Code


Say goodbye to a player - /bye [player name]

Boot player - /kick [player name]

Kiss player - /kiss [player name]

Hug player - /hug [player name]

Greet player - /greet [player name]

Clap at player - /clap [player name]

Flirt with player - /flirt [player name]

Invite player to room) - /invite [player name]

Laugh at player - /laugh [player name]

Allow indicated player to be able to kick other players - /op [player name]

CPU makes your name into initials to stand for something - /borg [player name]

Message other people when they are not in the room - /msg [player name]

Say something about you in a certain way - /me [message]

Start a private message to desired player - /query [player name]

Select all the players and do any random thing - /users

find the player and see which room they are in - /find [player name]

Sends a private message to any connected user - /msg [player name] [message]

Tells you what room (if any) a user is in - /find [player name]

Same as clicking "Auto Skip" - /away

Lists drawing queue in the current room - /draworder

Display room description as shown - /rr

Mute a specific user - /ignore [player name]

Display local time of a player - /time [player name]

Show how fast your network connection is - /ping

Go directly to another room - /join [room name]

Sends you back to the room you were previously in - /back

Remove all text from the chat windows - /clear

Show the profile of a user - /profile [player name]

Accept an invitation and join that room - /accept

Show the room settings - /param

Show how much time you have spent on iSketch - /stats

Add a name to look out for - /notify [player name]

Join a team; name can be a maximum of three letters - /team [team name]

List current teams in the room - /teams

Slap someone - /slap [player name]

Tell you how many players in total there are online - /usercount

There is all this and a lot more to this game....Go play right now and find out. Have fun!!!
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