Sunday, May 22, 2011

Best baby laughing videos

Following are some of the best baby laughing videos I have come across on the internet.

1. Baby laughing on making a sound.

About this video, I can only say that the baby is just wonderful, with a great ability to laugh!

2. Making bubbles, dog going after it and baby laughing.

This video is again so simple but beautiful. Babies with animals always make a wonderful combination for some reason. Maybe because they are similar in their simplicity. Here the dog just goes after each bubble, while the baby laughs and it seems that both can almost keep at it all the time! They don't seem to grow tired of doing the same thing! 

3. Baby laughs when a paper is torn.

The description in the video says- "8-month-old boy laughing hysterically while at-home daddy rips up a job rejection letter."

That makes this even more great. What a wonderful way to convert even an event like job rejection into a source of joy! 

Also I want to say that the baby here, just almost looks human! He just looks like some kind of a doll or like some machine or robot. 

4. "Do you want a grape?"    mm hmm.
    "No, say yes"       Yes.
    "Do you want a grape?"    mm hmm..............

This video is not about baby laughing but about something else that is wonderful. It has the same things going on again and again and he is just not able to convey the thing in a way she can understand. It really would be wonderful to know how to solve this problem!

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