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How would you feel if you found out that you have been here in some previous life? Not once but many, many times; over and over again! Not only that, what would you do if you find out that in your previous life, you were the father of a man who is your father in this life! In other words, you were your own grandfather!

Reincarnation is one of the most interesting topics. It says that when a person dies, he or she is reborn again. This is common in the Indian religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Abrahamic religions like Judaism, Chritianity and Islam don't believe in it, however particular groups within these religions do refer to reincarnation.

Many cases of reincarnation all over the world have been reported. In fact, the example I was referring to of a man being born again, this time to his son is a true case. Some psychiatrists have dedicated their lives to following such cases. Ian Stevenson an M.D, was an psychiatrist. Over 40 years, he investigated 3000 cases of children remembering past lives. After him, Jim Tucker, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences has continued his work.

I saw some videos of reincarnation on Youtube. One example is: 

 Gus Taylor was 18 months old, when his dad was changing his diaper, he said to his father, "You know when I was your age, I used to change your diaper.."  He also said, “I used to be big and now I’m a kid again." At age four, he was given a photograph album, a pictures with a group of boys, and his parents ask him, "If you're grandpa, who are you here?" The boy clearly identified his grandpa. It was their first time showing it to him. Second photo was his grandpa standing beside a car, Gus said, "This was my first car.." For curiosity, his parents keep on asking questions. They asked, "Do you have a sibling?" Gus answered, "Yes, I had a sister and she's dead, she was killed by a bad guy." His daddy was shocked again. How would he know the story about her aunt which they never talked about for years. The fact that she as murdered.

I seen a few videos so far and have compiled information from them in the following way:

1. Titu Singh (Male) from Baad village born December 1983  -previous life Suresh Verma (Male) from Agra, (about 13 kms away) murdered by a gun shot 1983 beginning.
2. Mandy Seabrook (F) 1970s, near London, second daughter in the family- previous life Mandy Seabrook (F), first daughter in the family died 11 years before (1960s), buried about 160 kms away.
3. Barbro Karlen (F), from Sweden, born 1954, - previous life Anne Frank (F) from Germany, killed in Holocaust, 1945 (about 1450 kms away)
4. Shanti Devi (F), from Delhi, born 1926, - previous life Lugdi Devi (F), from Mathura, died in child birth,1923(?) (about 145 kms away)
5. Gus Taylor (M), USA, - previous life Gus Taylor (M) his own grandfather, same place, died 1 year before.
6. Cameron Macaulay (M), born around 2000 from Glasgow - previous life Cameron Robertson from Barra (about 250-300 kms away), lived in 1960s almost 40-50 years before.

Some of the common things I found from the above 6 cases are:
- All males were born as males and all females as females. However there have been other cases in which it has been changed. But majority show the previous trend.
- All except 1 i.e. Barbro were born close to the place where they previously lived. Same country, same state, in 2 cases above, even the same family and home.
- All except 1 i.e. Cameron were born within 10 years of death in previous life, many even within 1 year.
- Out of the 6 cases above, 3 had the same first name as in previous life (coincidence?) and 2 had the same complete name.
- Titu Singh who was Suresh Verma in the previous life was killed by a bullet in the head whose details are in the autopsy report and Titu Singh in this life still has a mark at the same spot.
- Two of the children said that they experienced something like falling through a hole and they reached their mother's womb.

Some of the interesting things that come out of the previous research and cases are:

- 61% of the children claimed to recall lives that had ended violently.
- The rest had died young (under the age of twelve years), or suddenly after a brief illness, or with a sense of unfinished business
- The typical age for the children to start talking about past-life memories (and often violent deaths) was two to four years, and generally they had stopped talking about them by the age of eight years.
- The descriptions would be accompanied by unusual behavior such as specific fears.
- The people claiming to have lived before might exhibit special skills, such as playing an instrument or speaking a language they appeared not to have learned.

The children seem to be torn apart between the 2 worlds and they seem more inclined to live their past life maybe because it has been longer. In Titu's case, it was an interesting situation in which the wife knew that her husband had been reborn but how to relate to the small boy in the same way? Even his 2 children were older than him!

It is interesting that as soon as the children are able to speak, they start talking about their previous lives. But being so small, their brains aren't fully developed to comprehend or express themselves properly. When they grow older,  these things would become easier, but then they start losing those memories. So it is just like a catch 22 situation.

What would you do if you recall a past life of yours? Would you like to experience it if you can?
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