Friday, April 16, 2010

10 interesting incidents with me

Here are 10 interesting things that I have done, or have happened to me, worth telling -

( Not in any particular order)

1. Once in class 6th (grade) during examination, by mistake I was given the question paper of class 7th. Though a bit surprised initially, I nevertheless started writing the paper till the time the invigilator realized his mistake and took away that paper - shocked!

2. Once, for some reason, I was there with a friend and I wanted to come back home leaving him behind. I was on a small scooty type "Sunny" and he was on a bicycle and he too followed me and thus we raced ahead at full possible speed through the busy street, not slowing down even at turns, surprisingly and thankfully without any mishap.

3. Once I got some mouth ulcers and was unable to eat properly and was frustrated at it. I suddenly decided to have all my food in liquid form! So I had all the things- chapatis ( Indian flat bread)+ vegetables + rice + dal( Pulses- lentils) + mix vegetable raita + butter milk and whatever else was there put through the mixer and drank it all at once!

4. Once when I was on the terrace of my home, studying, suddenly out of nowhere, I felt as if someone had put a huge load on my head. I looked up and saw that it was a kite bird ( like eagle), it had landed on my head! It was quite huge and it was flying above me. Again suddenly it came, landed on my head and took off (as they pick up their prey) now I was quite confused and bewildered and was trying to see where it was and out of nowhere, it came for the third time and did the same! I came down after that. I still don't understand it!

5. This is not something big or funny but I find it somewhat surprising. At my home, my father was reversing the car and I was just directing from outside and a wheel of the car went over my foot. Though it wasn't a very big car, still I didn't feel anything, neither was I hurt at all. Surely, cars are quite heavy & might break bones if they go over, but nothing really happened to me. Not even a bruise!

6. Quite a few years ago when I was just a small child, a monitor lizard- kind of similar to Komodo dragon came into our home on the 3rd floor! It came inside and went in my room. I said to my mother as per my understanding that a 'great lizard' had come inside. My mother thought that it must be the common house lizard or the house gecko which must be a little bigger and didnot take it seriously which I didnot understand why and kept repeating it. Little did she know and we got the fright of our lives and somehow managed to get rid of it!

7. This too isn't something big, but in school, I was in the class and the teacher was dictating notes and we were taking them down. The teacher lost track of how much had been dictated and thus wanted to see and since at that time, she was near me, she tried to see my notes. Suddenly my eyes fell on a mistake that I had done and since I was considered quite a good student, I feared that if the teacher sees that, she will scold me so I just bravely put my hand across my notes to prevent the teacher from seeing it and she was again and again trying and asking me to let her see them and she sure was utterly bemused at my behaviour!

8. Once again as a small child, I once decided that I wanted to meet and see God and having been brought up on Indian mythology and spirituality and having heard great stories of people who had done lot of hard penences and things like that after which God appeared, I decided to do the same. So what I did was pulled up the skin on my forearm and twisted it and held it for some hours till the time my parents came back from their clinics and my mother rushed and asked me what I was doing and stopped me saying such things don't happen.

9. This might not sound too great but after the final exams of class 7 when we had summer vacation, me and my friends decided to walk all the way from school to home which was around 10 kms or 6.2 miles. The thing is, in the summers the temperatures are around 44 degrees C or 111 degrees F which could be quite dangerous and we went around plucking mangoes from the trees and various things and no wonder, I fell quite ill afterwards!

10. The last one is really surprising and funny. I don't think it must have happened to anyone. Once I washed my hair with shampoo ........or at least what I thought was shampoo. But it turned out that my mother had kept the Phenyl- basically a floor cleaner in the shampoo bottle. No wonder I thought the shampoo wasn't working and I did go to school after that but I came back soon halfway through the school as I developed flakes on the scalp or perhaps dandruff and just washed my head- this time with real shampoo and only then I could relax!

This was my list. Which one do you think is the funniest? And if you have something similar, interesting, do write that too. Would be interested to know what weird things people do or happen to them!
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