Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kites- movie review

* Warning- This review may contain spoilers.

Kites! It is obvious that this name was well thought-out and it works well, keeping with the tradition of movie names starting with 'K' for Rakesh Roshan.

There's talk that this movie is doing well outside and not with Indian audiences. If you go in with preconceived notions and not an open mind, you won't like it. It is like a new dish; you just have to experience and take it in because after all it is a nice concoction!

For one thing, this movie is just about 2 hours and thus is breezy, not too slow in pace. The story unfolds well. Regarding the characters and other aspects, it is clear that it was all well thought-out to introduce Bollywood to other places. You select the best looking people- so you have Hrithik Roshan (Jay) obviously the most handsome hunk, Kangana (Gina)- a natural beauty but with not much to do and Kabir Bedi(Bob) considered a handsome man who can speak well. And like Rakesh Roshan's other films involving Hrithik, it intends to show that Hrithik can do everything. Nothing wrong with that, because he can! His stunning looks are even more enhanced in this film, his body is a sculpture, he can dance like he has no bones and most importantly, he can act well too- a complete package really. You can't help but be lost in his "limpid hazel" eyes. Then you have Barbara Mori (Natasha, Linda) a beautiful actress, well known in Spanish television in US. Due to its Latin flavor, it can reach the largest movie going audience in America, the US Hispanic and Brett Ratner who understands it well, will bring out a short, remixed, English version of this movie.

The movie has been shot in great locations, has romance, action, comedy, chase sequences, adventure, song and dance. The film has some of the trademark beautiful 'comedy' moments like previous Roshans' film. The music might not feel great the first time, but the more you listen to it, the more you will like it. The love story I felt in some ways similar to Titanic. Many will not agree, but it was there- two people who are quite different, the girl is not happy in the relationship that she is in, about to get married to someone else, the boy saves her in all possible ways, he wants to send her away so that she would be safe but she comes back and finally the end where one of them dies first. There is something about unfulfilled love stories that makes you sad but still you like it in the end.

Beautiful scenes that stand out (or highlights of the film) -

1. The dance in the competition at the beginning by Hrithik and Kangana.

2. Where Hrithik and Barbara make various shadow figures with hands. Perfect example of how 2 people who don't speak the same language can communicate in different ways.

3. When Hrithik and Barbara each tell their sad stories about their parent(s)/family.

4. The whole sequence where they are escaping from the hot air balloon, to robbing a bank.

5. The way the story has been told - going back to the past, cutting back to present again, making it a whole story at the end.

6. In the later part of the movie where Hrithik shoots everyone with a gun, it is in slow motion and the actual sounds like gun shots are not heard.

The background music suits well and the lead actors are the strong point of the film. I watched it again and loved it more. This is that kind of a movie! See it for what it offers, and not to expect to see what you want.

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